Motor Vehicle Accidents

Get Full Compensation for Your Injuries

After suffering an injury in a motor vehicle accident, obtaining full compensation for your injuries is just as important as regaining your health, but it is often the last thing accident victims have the energy or resources to tackle. Van Dyke Law Office has been a trusted guide and advocate for victims of motor vehicle accidents in Ontario for over 20 years.

Claims for Permanent & Serious Impairment

Persons involved in a car accident in Ontario can receive accident benefits through their own auto insurance to cover a multitude of expenses including income replacement, medical costs, and rehabilitation treatments (e.g., physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, etc.).

If you have suffered a more serious injury resulting in a permanent and serious impairment, you may also have a claim for pain and suffering against the driver of the vehicle that is to blame for the accident. You may have a permanent and serious impairment if your injuries:

  • affect your ability to be employed
  • substantially interfere with your ability to continue in your pre-accident employment
  • significantly interfere with your activities of daily living

Family members are also often affected when their loved one is injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident and they may be able to claim for income loss, travel costs, loss of care or companionship and funeral expenses under the Family Law Act.

An Experienced Lawyer on Your Side

It is critical to have an experienced advocate on your side, who can help you navigate the insurance system and will fight to have your claims fully paid. Van Dyke Law Office has assisted countless numbers of injured people and their families get full and fair compensation after motor vehicle accidents.