Accident Benefits

Benefits Under Your Auto Insurance Policy

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are eligible for various types of benefits under your auto insurance policy. Depending on your policy, this coverage may include:

  • Income replacement: payments to replace the income you normally earned before your accident
  • Non-earner benefits: payments available to students and other non-earners who were not working at the time of the accident
  • Medical & rehabilitation: reimbursement for treatments, prescriptions, and devices; transportation costs related to medical appointments; employment counselling; accessibility improvements to your house or vehicle.
  • Attendant care: reimbursement for an attendant to look after you or assist you with bathing, feeding, dressing, etc., at home or in a healthcare facility.
  • Caregiver/dependent care: reimbursement for the costs of care for your dependents
  • Housekeeping & home maintenance: reimbursement for household services such as housecleaning, yard work, etc.
  • Death and funeral benefits

The level of benefits are enhanced for individuals whose injuries qualify as “catastrophic” and it is critical that serious injuries are categorized as such. Some of these benefits are also only provided through optional add-on coverage.

Advocating for Full & Fair Compensation

No matter what  benefit your auto insurance policy provides, it is important to be able to access all the benefits that are available to you. An experienced personal injury firm like Van Dyke Law Office can help you determine your benefit eligibility, and advocate for full and fair compensation on your behalf.